Lasercut Goggles

This is by far probably one of my most popular builds. It all started when a friend came to me with a¬†commission¬†project to make something “steampunk and tinkerbell” for a friend’s christmas present. Eventually I decided to make steampunk goggles. I found this pattern on thingiverse for very basic goggles. I liked how the lens and shape were but not the leather or the strap holders. I redid it with thick leather with laser etched patterns. I riveted on leather straps, the more rigid leather made it a great way to hold it. Eventually the Arizona Steampunk Society got wind of this and asked me to make them 30 goggle kits for a goggle workshop at Phoenix Comic Con. People loved ‘em. I’ll soon be selling these on etsy with options for custom etch patterns. A lot of steampunkers want unique goggles purely for decoration, I figure this’ll give a great alternative to having to glue bits and pieces to fiberglass brazing goggles.

Pics after the break!

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