OpenSkan – Hardware, software, and website updates!!

After OpenSkan got a lot of attention (thank you Make, Adafruit, and Hackaday!) I felt the need to update a lot of things. I had some poor quality videos, pics, and hardware out there. Since then things have changed a lot! Just check it out at OpenSkan.Org ! Lots of new Vids!

Hardware Changes

The platform frame is made of metal extrusions with 3D printed feet and a printed handle. The platform plate is now made of several laser cut layers, this makes the inner gear a lot stronger. Added a motor with higher torque and speed with a bigger 3D printed gear.

The column is a lot smoother running. Its also now made with the same aluminum extrusions rather than u-channel. This has added portability!  Also a few more printed odds and ends here and there. The center of the column where it connects to the legs is printed and adjustable.

Sensor and Software Changes

Marcos Garciaacosta from Intel was kind enough to give me an ivy bridge motherboard and processor. This coupled with a new Nvidia GTX 650 ti and a fancy new mini itx case makes for a really decent scanning computer. Especially since I now have a Carmine 1.09 scanning sensor from Primesense. I’ve even strayed away from reconstrustme and now have a license for Skanect, which after recent updates is amazing for 3D scanning!


Anyway, check out the new site , find Open Skan on facebook and twitter. Thanks!

(If any of my work inspires you, please let me know, I’d love to see what you have!)



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