3D Full Body Scanner Progress


I ordered the parts I needed last week to build my 3D scanner mentioned in a previous post and I’ve cranked out most of the system in only two nights.

The rotating platform (pics after the break), is finished mechanically, I’ve still got some prettying up to do. It can support a person of at least 200 lbs. I played around with a lot of different motors and drive methods, but after looking through a parts bin I found a high torque motor. I attached it to the base of the platform and the lazy susan helps make it easier for it to rotate. This motor was perfect to keep the platform low profile.

I’m using Open rail┬áto guide the gantry for the Kenect sensor. Its perfect and modular. I ordered enough to be able to scan at most a 7 ft person.

In my original design I had intended to use a pulley system to actuate the gantry. I ended up JB welding timing belt along the aluminum U-channel holding the open rail. I’m going to use a stepper with 3D printed pulley (shown above) to actuate. Later tonight I hope to design and laser cut a plate that’ll hold both the kinect and the stepper.

Next steps after prettying things up and getting them actuated is attaching a rangefinder to the kinect to let it know when its gone past the top of the scanning subject. That should help in automating the scan positioning process.


– Note: Newer pictures towards the back. see latest posts for details–

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  1. david f says:

    Hey man we met the other night, im helping my friend on the prusa build, anyways ive been working on making a diy projector using an old laptop lcd and this kit i got on ebay for 30 bucks that will run it stand alone. I know a lot of people have old cell phones with lcd screen, it would be pretty simple to convert it into a projector with some strip leds a fresnel lens and maybe a one regular lens. the david laser scanner uses laser or projection, this would make it cheap to do the projection setup.

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