Lawgiver Mk2 Judge Dredd (the Stallone vs) Prop build

  My roommate and I got the chance to advance screen the new movie, DREDD. Being a fan of the 1995 rendition of Judge Dredd I was not entirely enthused by it, thought it was still a great action flick. I set out to build this prop from the first Judge Dredd movie. Sunday I designed the laser cutting patterns using 123dMAKE using a 3D model of the gun. For some reason I got 3 really weird stackable layers. I took the pattern given by the program and edited myself and added most of the details and cut layers as needed til I got the right thickness. So basically this gun is just stacked piece of MDF cut in the shape of the gun glued together, sanded, and painted. The red parts are cut out of acrylic. This build did not take me much time and for that I am greatful because I have a lot more to put together if I am to have a Judge Dredd costume ready by Halloween.

Great pics after the break!

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