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Tiny Glowing Tardis illuminates your space

A few months ago I put this together. I just lasercut a copy of this tardis from Thingiverse but I altered it a bit. I didn’t use some of the front panels and I lined the inside of the walls with a light blue film. I bought a flameless candle from the dollar store, gutted it, added the LED on the top to it and put it inside the Tardis (which I spray painted blue). Voila, easiest tardis build ever.

As always, more pics after the break.

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Hackerspace Visit: NYC Resistor and Makerbot HQ








So in December I had the opportunity to visit famous Brooklyn hackerspace, NYC Resistor. They have a wonderful space hidden on the fourth floor of a building in Brooklyn. The folks there greeted me and let me take a look around. After eating delivery indian food, much to my surprise Bre Pettis, co-founder and CEO of Makerbot industries walks through the door. I had a chance to talk and meet with him and hes a pretty cool guy. At the time he was looking into clock making with a 3D printed parts. 

Plenty of pictures after the break!

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I’ll keep this post short because the next one is more important than telling details about a vacation trip with the family.  What I will say is that we ran into actor Wallace Shawn on our flight!

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Emerge Festival ASU 2012

Earlier this year I had the chance to work on a project for the ASU Emerge Festival . I didn’t work on the above project, but that one is one of several interactive digital installations that were featured at the festival. The festival consisted of seminars and workshops for the first day following a finale behind the Nelson Art Museum. The finale included the digital art installation, projection mapping of visualized data on the side of campus buildings and a bunch of “actors” in crazy almost mythic digital costumes. The actors played out this story over the course of the night and it responded to the projections.

More pics after the break!

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Phoenix Mini Maker Faire Oct 15th 2011

   Last year Arizona had its first Maker Faire. It was small but it showed a lot of what Arizona has to offer in the maker department. Our Hackerspace, HeatSync Labs, had a hacker pavilion set up to display what we had to offer. Great Works Lab had some excellent flame thrower installations. There was even a peeing robot that drew you near with its mysterious box, upon looking in the operator would cause the robot to douse you with its liquids, which I can only hope was water. More pictures after the break.

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Kindle Case

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I had just gotten a new (refurb) kindle keyboard from Amazon a few weeks ago and decided I needed to laser cut as case. I derived mine from one I found at thingiverse. I had to alter the dimensions since the kindle keyboard is slightly bigger than the one the file was made for. However, kerf bending is tricky, so when trying to recreate a bit of the pattern of the kerf bend to lengthen it I !@#$%ed up. It broke as soon as I tried to bend. So I ripped off the kerf bends and used leather to bind it. I also etched some Dr. Who artwork to it to make it a bit prettier.

The Electric Journal – a victorian-esque desktop

Another project from way back when. I built this over the course of a night. Its really fairly straightforward. I had bought this large wooden box, for silverware or something, years before turning it into this computer. I ripped the original bottom off, re-glued the body back together and nailed a 6mm lexan sheet to the bottom. Attached all the computer components to the body with believe it our not….industrial velcro. Attached a big ol’ fan and created a huge vent in the back. Put some lights in it for show and attached gears to it as is the terrible tradition with steampunk and voila.

Video after the break!

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Time Machine Prop

This is another steampunk item from my youth (2009..not that long ago). Just a wooden box form michael’s, stained. Some metal circle labels with typewriter key stickers, floral decals, some copper pipe looking handles, a humidor dial, and some other odds and ends. The gear knob dims and brightens the blue center light.

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This was actually my first leather project. A friend of mine and leader of the Mandolorian cosplay group in AZ, Thomas Boyers, taught me on the basics of leather. He helped me make the leather portion. I cut some brass and copper and riveted all on along with a watch.

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Steampunk Jewlery

I used to be a big time steampunk enthusiast, ever since I was young I had a fascination with the style, ofcourse I didn’t have a name for it until about freshmen year of high school in 2005. I haven’t been big on it anymore, but here is some jewlery I made from old clock parts and bits of brass.

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